People decide to blog for a variety of reasons. Some people hope to bring awareness to an important topic that is otherwise overlooked by today’s media. Other bloggers just want to share their opinion on the things they find most interesting, like books, movies, sports or business. Some of these blogs make us laugh and cry, while others educate us and cause us to think differently.

Hi, my name is Michael, and I’ll be one of the frequent writers on our new blog here.  Before I get to our “why,” I thought I would share a little bit about the “who,” just a few things about me and the company I work for.

You see, when I was hired on at WK&T, which was almost 16 years ago now, I was fresh out of college anstarwarsvhsd the only thing the cooperative offered was traditional landline phones and dial-up internet services. When I think back to life in the year 2000, it’s hard to even remember what the technology was like, but a few things do come to mind. I was watching movies on a VHS recorder, playing video games on a 64-bit Nintendo, listening to music on compact discs and browsing the internet on a desktop computer over a 56K dial-up connection.

Needless to say, the more than a decade and half that has passed since then has ushered a constant process of change. Now, WK&T offers a variety of broadband packages and digital television services, fed by our premium fiber optic network. We also offer security services, IP phone systems, cloud-based data storage and technology sales at our retail stores in Mayfield, Murray and Yorkville. We’ve come a long wstar-wars-collection-fire-tvay, baby.

Meanwhile, many of the things I did way back in 2000 haven’t changed a whole lot, but how I do those things has, and in a major way. Now, I stream movies on Netflix, play video games online via my Xbox One console, download MP3s to my smartphone and browse the web on my tablet over a Wi-Fi broadband connection.

The current technology provided by WK&T has made all of those things a much easier and more enjoyable task in both my personal and professional life; and my guess is, it has in yours as well. And ultimately, that’s our “why.”  We are here now, in our own little corner of the online universe, to talk about all the techy stuff at work in our lives today, and the changes just around the corner that might make those things even better tomorrow.

We’ll have a variety of posts on a regular basis, and we’ll share them in our social media space to let you know when there’s a new one for you to check out. With each new entry, I hope you will find enjoyable and useful information concerning how you play, work, learn and communicate via today’s connected and online world. Expect posts about new trends in the online gaming industry, the latest content available on video streaming services and new gadgets about to hit the retail markets… just to name a few!

And, of course, if there’s something you would like for us to talk about, feel free to drop me a line at In the meantime, stay tuned for more posts in the very near future.  And as always, thanks for being here.