Digital Literacy Training

Learn how to effectively use devices, software, and the Internet to collaborate with others and discover, use and create information.

The Microsoft Digital Literacy (licensed) course is free and is for anyone with basic reading skills who wants to learn the fundamentals of using digital technologies.

Digital Literacy Training

Let’s get started.

The Digital Literacy Training includes six courses. Each course has several videos which can be viewed by scrolling down the page.

Also make sure you have the most up to date web browser (i.e., Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera), and a good internet connection (500+ Kbps speed).


Course 1

Work with computers.

Course 4

Participate safely & responsibly.


Course 2

Access info online.

Course 5

Create digital content.

Course 3

Communicate online.

Course 6

Collaborate & manage content.

Course 1: Work with computers.

Course 2: Access info online.

Course 3: Communicate Online.

Course 4: Participate safely and responsibly online.

Course 5: Create digital content.

Course 6: Collaborate and manage content digitally.

Creative Commons License

Microsoft Digital Literacy is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License which means entities may share and adapt this material for non-commercial use as long as they attribute it to Microsoft and license any adapted material under these same licensing terms.

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