When I was a kid, watching TV before bed usually meant being able to watch a little bit of Johnny Carson before I fell asleep on the couch or my dad made me turn it off and go to my room. Now, for my children’s generation, it means something entirely different.

Last night, as I was making the rounds, my children were all “watching TV before bed” but it wasn’t like I remember it at all.  Each one was snuggled in their own bed, streaming the content of their choice on their personal device.  One was streaming video game reviews on YouTube and the other a cartoon on Netflix.  When I told them it was time to go to sleep, they simply turned off their tablet and placed it on their night stand.

That is the world we all live in now; where content can be streamed to any device with the simple tap of a screen. That is also the reason that more and more families are cutting the cable/satellite cord and choosing to stream video on demand.  Subscriptions to plans like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon continue to increase, while pay-for-TV providers see numbers decrease at the same time.

Sometimes, I wonder what watching TV will be like for my grandchildren, and if it will be radically different than how my children are doing it today.  I’m guessing that it will, but I feel like there will be at least one constant… connectivity.  In order to stream videos, there must be a connection to the provider.  And if the connection isn’t strong enough, the video will be in poor quality or will fail to load altogether.

Thankfully, WK&T future-proofed their connection to our members when we did a 100% fiber deployment a few years ago.  It not only insured a strong, reliable broadband connection for today, but also for whatever tomorrow might bring.

So no matter how you and your family chose to watch TV before bed tonight, rest assured, WK&T has your back.