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The Changing Landscape of TV

When I was a kid, watching TV before bed usually meant being able to watch a little bit of Johnny Carson before I fell asleep on the couch or my dad made me turn it off and go to my room. Now, for my children’s generation, it means something entirely different. Last...

The Social Media Scene

At its inception, the social media landscape was primarily used to share pictures and personal thoughts with your friends, family, co-workers and classmates.  Now, you can also use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with your favorite celebrities, places of...

What’s on Netflix in July?

How does your Netflix queue look these days? If yours is like mine, it only seems to grow. Well, as one month ends and another begins, we might want to give it some attention. Some of those movies or TV shows we’ve been meaning to get around to might be going away in...

Welcome to our Blog!

People decide to blog for a variety of reasons. Some people hope to bring awareness to an important topic that is otherwise overlooked by today’s media. Other bloggers just want to share their opinion on the things they find most interesting, like books, movies,...

It’s a Wifi World – and what you can do with it!

It’s a Wi-Fi World! And what you can do with it. Most people associate the term "Wi-Fi" with the ability to browse the Internet wirelessly, but there really is much more to Wi-Fi wireless technology than just browsing the Internet. Ten years ago, no one would have...


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