This month, WK&T is launching ViewLocal to our valued customers.  ViewLocal is the successor to our company’s popular TV Lite product, which many of you already enjoy on your Roku streaming video devices.

ViewLocal delivers local channels via WK&T’s secure fiber broadband connection, allowing customers to say “goodbye” to weak over-the-air signals and “hello” to high-quality viewing on multiple screens and dhm-service-tvevices. That’s right. Not only will ViewLocal still be available on your Roku, but also to other devices connected to your WK&T network; such as laptops, or tablets and smartphones powered by iOS or Android.

Currently, there are 14 channels available on ViewLocal; such as, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, The CW, ABC and WK&T Sports. There are plans to add more channels later this year.

ViewLocal is the result of understanding today’s media landscape and how our customers want more video options without paying more money. The ViewLocal solution delivers high-quality, low-cost local television to customers that mainly stream their content or only watch a few local channels. WK&T is excited that we can now offer our customers a more cost-efficient alternative with great content for the whole family.

If you’re interested in adding ViewLocal to your WK&T Fiber connection, contact one of our consultants today!

David Edwards

Craig Hopkins

Alex Heath