Fiber is the future, and WK&T is bringing it to Henry, Lyon and Weakley counties.

For the past decade, WK&T has pursued state and federal grants and developed unique public-private partnerships to aggressively expand fiber broadband throughout the West Kentucky and Tennessee region.

In 2009, WK&T pursued and was awarded a $123.8 million grant/loan through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the largest amount awarded by the federal government that year. Since then, WK&T has continued to impact its service area, providing the critical infrastructure to support and enrich the lives of residents and businesses in Weakley and Henry counties.

  • 2016 — WK&T announces fiber broadband is coming to Martin, Tennessee.
  • 2018 — WK&T announces fiber broadband is coming to Dresden, Tennessee; WK&T receives a $3 million grant to bring fiber to Dukedom, Tennessee. WK&T contributes $450,000 to the project.
  • 2019 — WK&T receives a $2 million matching grant to bring fiber broadband to the area of Henry County that lies east of Highway 79 and west of Kentucky Lake. WK&T will match these funds, investing more than $4 million in the fiber broadband network. Fiber broadband has the power to transform a region and change lives through:
    • Quality of life
    • Education
    • Job growth
    • Health care and telemedicine
    • Economic development

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WK&T Makes Strides In Bringing Fiber Broadband To Parts Of Weakley And Henry Counties

In mid-August, Dresden’s buildout will be 100% complete, giving 1,650 customers access to fiber broadband. This service will provide residences and businesses with faster, more reliable internet access than traditional copper wiring.

In Dukedom, crews were set to begin fiber construction on Aug. 1. The build will connect 406 residents who have had limited internet access in their homes.

WK&T’s most recent venture is in southeastern Henry County. A contractor has been selected and will begin work in mid-September in the northern part of this build. Engineering and staking is still underway in the southern part. One area lies east of Highway 79 and west of Kentucky Lake, while the second area is west of Highway 79 and northeast of Paris. When completed, 912 homes will have access to unmatched fiber broadband from WK&T.

Fiber Build In Martin Is Complete

The fiber build in Martin is complete. What does this mean for you? If you are a resident of or operate a business in Martin, you have access to WK&T’s unmatched fiber optic network.

The fiber network provides homes and businesses with the capacity to connect multiple devices — laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming systems — and use them simultaneously. And uploading and downloading large files, as well as videoconferencing, is super fast.

In 2018, WK&T partnered with officials in Dresden to bring an unmatched fiber network to the city. More than 1,700 residents and businesses in the city should have access to the high-speed connection this summer. The agreement also allows installation of smart water meters so the municipal water department can gather accurate readings, with data transmitted directly from the meters to the office.

The project’s first phase is finished, and the final phase is nearing completion. The connection to Dresden is made possible by the existing fiber network in Martin. The service with WK&T will provide Dresden residents and businesses with internet access that is faster and more reliable than service over traditional copper wiring.

WK&T’s fiber network will also bring new voice, security and television offerings to Dresden.

Recently, WK&T was chosen from 124 applicants to receive a $3 million grant to build a broadband network in the Dukedom community in Weakley County, Tennessee. The 406 residents WK&T is connecting in the community had limited home internet access.

And in Henry County, Tennessee, WK&T received $2 million from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development’s Broadband Accessibility Grant program.

The cooperative will match these funds, investing more than $4 million to build a fiber optic broadband network in Henry County. The project calls for building a fast broadband network in two sections of the county. One area lies east of Highway 79 and west of Kentucky Lake, and the second area is west of Highway 79 and northeast of Paris.

When completed, the network will make high-speed broadband internet access available to 912 homes.


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